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New Apple Store in Bangkok, Thailand state of the art design3 min read

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Making the news this time is the news happening in the Thai capital Bangkok. It follows that Apple brought attention to Apple Central World today, positioning it as its largest and second-largest retail site in the country. Located in the center of Ratchaprasong, the famous crossroads, the site offers a better and easier way to get to the train station in the active city.

Apple Central World’s unique structure and design are made with a one-of-a-kind glass design. This art world for the tech giant is set up under a cantilevered canopy that adds to the spectacle for all. Being inside the structure, buyers can move on two levels using a kind of designer spiral staircase. The way the staircase wraps around a wooden center is even more creative, much like driving a cylindrical elevator out of this world.

For those who need to access the beautiful shop, they can enter the shop from the upper part or from the ground floor. The idea obviously, as expected, provides a quick link to the Skytrain and the shop. On the site side, the outdoor arena allows the company to meet by providing benches that also feature the trees in the area. Deirdre O’Brien, who of course isApple’s senior vice president for Retail for People, expressed his joy in welcoming shoppers to the store.

He welcomed the community and also thanked them for their continued support and service. the vice president expressed his eagerness to get started and serve them more as they progress. By deepening the layout and structure presented and in a modern and elegant way. The store includes a meeting room, a place reserved for holding active forums, and finally a setup for a stand-alone scenario.

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New Apple Store
New Apple Store in Bangkok

For more details on the venue of the forum, which is positioned around a centered video wall, and is meant to be the venue for Apple sessions which are reminiscent of some of the greatest minds and highly trained experts. a lot of attention to detail is given instead, a great job has been done to make this all come true, you will probably be amazed by the site and want to be there to see it for yourself. Looking at the specifications and attachments for the meeting room, it is said to be on the ground floor of the premises.

The main idea aimed at hereby the designers was to give vision makers, content creators, and home business owners a place of choice. The space would provide the peaceful and organized work environment they need to keep busy and welcome personal advice and suggestions for the Apple group. The company is expected to be officially open this Friday, July 31 at 10:00 am ICT at the Bangkok office. In this case, of course, health and safety measures have been observed and are a priority.