Image Retouch and Editing

tech cuttie photo editing retouch and enhancement
photo editing, retouch, and enhancement

Everything begins with an idea. The finished product is only a small portion of your whole experience at Tech Cuttie. Here, we work transparently to guide you through the imaging process.

To assist you in developing composite concepts or a color palette for your business. You may relax knowing that your job will be handled with the highest care, attention, and precision.

The goal of our company is transparency and personal communication. We feel that this is the only method to continuously produce flawless photos. Product photography is one of the most significant aspects of creating a profitable business. The prospects of making a sale are considerably lower without eye-catching pictures.

As a reseller, you should consider investing in photographs that highlight the items and give your brand a professional appearance. Our premium retouching will give the ideal approaches to ensure image and brand satisfaction, whether in texture or color. Your photographs will receive the attention to detail they deserve when you use Adobe Photoshop’s color correcting tools. All colors and materials will appear as true to your vision or that of your client as possible.

Our retouch services include:

  • Changing the product background to pure white
  • Cleaning up the picture and backdrop
  • Restoring the photo’s texture and form
  • Changing the colors of the product
  • Adding dimension and shadows to the image
  • Photo enlargement and resizing
  • Color correction as well as brightness and contrast changes

Let’s improve your product images in a professional manner and increase your sales with eye-catching graphics! Contact us to go through all the specifics and receive a personalized consultation based on your images! We have the ability to take any brand’s graphics to the next level. Our extensive commercial photography knowledge will ensure that your items stand out from the crowd.

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