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Fortnite Update 13.30 was released but where are the cars?2 min read

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You have to recognize how much of a major monetary success Fortnite Battle Royale is for Epic games. The franchise is often associated with the Survival, Battle Royal, and sandbox genres. After the release of the Fortnite patch named version or edition 13 thirteen and point three, several new features have been put in place for fans and professional players.

According to the world of Republic, Summer Splash 2020 is the goal followed by improving or removing errors in the system and finally adding new cars. The game gives you everything you could possibly need from first-person shooter, survival races, and more action than you can imagine. the latest Battle Royale 13 and three updates. Surrounding this experience are the voices of people coming from different aspects of the game asking multiple questions about the changes that will be added.

As soon as the game was made available, it didn’t take long for every player to re-download the 1.83GB installer file for the update. Much to the disappointment of many people, things did not turn out the way they wanted. Much of the accumulations were placed behind the team that created the game and everyone had so much hope that major additions and changes would be made.

What are gamers saying?

Fortnite Update 13.30
Fortnite Update 13.30

Other allegations and rumors have been posted regarding the upcoming Fortnite thirteen and point three updates indicating that it will bring the vehicles back there. Unfortunately, for those who have been looking forward to seeing cars in the game, you had better be prepared for a big disappointment as the game does not or does not feature cars.

This version which was released on July 21 of the year 2020 confirms that there are no cars in it. The vehicles that you can potentially get from the game are just boats and helicopters. For most players, they thought the trick was to find cars at gas stations since they would find new things there, which meant they were definitely out of luck. Some gamers even went ahead to research the vehicles they wanted in EU server systems, while also trying to find what they wanted there.

Unfortunately, their search was cut short and they responded with utter disappointment, calling it an epic failure on the part of the developer. huge disappointment. A bunch of other leaked packages included a bunch of memory-based collecting and backing tools like the traditional TV portion. Under the given circumstances, individuals should search the Westside of Dirty Docks for compact cars near the multiple water entry points. It is the most famous place to find cars. The developers have learned their lesson and you can rest assured that this will not happen again.