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ZTE Axon with invisible camera at the front the first kind in the world2 min read

ZTE AXON 20 5G is now the most authentic on the smartphone market. Without wasting any time, you need to dive into the details of what these wonderful features and specifications have to offer their lovers. The nine-and-two-inch six-point OLED display fills up to one hundred percent with a DCI P3 that can hold up to ten bits of color depth. If you look at the refresh rate, the frequency is 90Hz followed by a touch sample rate of 240Hz.

The Specifications descriptively

With this flawless feature, the view ensures a full view and enjoyable viewing and reading. Regarding the size of the screen type of the device and its capacity. As a result of this, the gadget contains a large pixel size of up to 2460 by 1080 pixels which is Full HD. The idea of ​​using a camera located under the screen came to them thanks to the addition of the following ingredients. They included special pixel arrays, as well as an internal algorithm, added to driver circuits and dual-control chips.

ZTE Axon
ZTE Axon

By using these key requirements, they could overcome the problem of placing the camera just below the screen. The success of the process depended more on the type of research and development they were doing and you might be wrong to think that it was simple. On the contrary, the process requires a lot of testing, some fail while others are perfect for the part to function fully at the stage of development. For RAM and storage, RAM comes in many variations including 6 GB with 64 GB of ROM. Then the others like 8GB with 128GB ROM, then the last one with 12GB with a total of 256GB ROM. When the focus is on battery performance it is because the gadget delivers 30 watts via fast charging technology.