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Apple iPhone 12 no charger but is it a reality?3 min read

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This time around, the alleged new iPhone will be shipped to buyers without a wall charger. This type of implementation would be the first of its kind for the popular smartphone company. Since iPhone smartphones started to produce and release in 2007, all of their production has come with wall chargers so far, which means great development in the smart device manufacturing industry.

For quite some time, the world of mobile and tech has come up with several future technological concepts, but this has not been implemented. The world and more particularly the world of technology is constantly evolving towards the future, which means a great desire to bring the best new technology and idea before anyone else.

Coming up with new technology means gaining endless and ever-growing trust and favor for consumers, so earning consumer favor and trust means consumers always put your product at the top of their wishlist, if not the top. from their shopping list. iPhone clearly understands this news of them having this kind of news about them will get people talking about it. The unintended move here is that Apple may not add an EarPod in the box or a charger in the box for the upcoming and long-awaited iPhone 12.

The big controversy is that the company still doesn’t know how the phone will charge. clear that a phone needs power and charging to work. This information is based on evidence from a research note on the emergence of Barclay and confirmation from analyst Ming Kuo that followed later. Based on the resulting report, Apple should have made a 20-watt adapter for the handy device when needed. release package, the company included an 18-watt fast charge option.

What choices do users have?

Apple iPhone 12 wireless charging
Apple iPhone 12 wireless charging

However, the default option that was made available would be the one that slowly charges 5 watts for iPhone 11 users. Are they all real or are they just in business? This is the question you must ask yourself. You will then end up paying a few extra bucks out of your pocket just to get the maximum possible charging experience, which just doesn’t feel right. Okay, let’s not forget the bright side of removing the charger, maybe it could work as expected.

The smartphone maker is looking to lower the cost of these resources to increase its profits, especially at a time when 5G network providers have brought the cost of these devices to the brink. Another benefit of the famous cell phone maker is that it would earn points and be credited for its energy-saving and greening efforts. Speaking to The Verge, Anker talks about the effects of producing batches of chargers and other components. These devices are valued at around three thousand tons of waste which are dispersed in the environment.