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Dell XPS sleek design at a bargain price with features beating its rivals2 min read

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Dell has made a good idea when it comes to building computers, especially high-end computers. This post presents the focus on the new Dell XPS 15 2020. These are all simple high-end laptops competing for the same place to win their buyers. The updates presented for this launch took place in New Zealand. The machine turns out to be one of a kind compared to Apple’s MacBook Air.

Likewise, the same can be said regarding the comparison with the Specter or Envy of Hp. Considering the number of recent events that have caused everyone to work from home, this type of personal computer can prove useful. The gadget prides itself on bringing some convenience to users, whether they are looking for a device for everyday tasks or for work or play.

Some more Specifications

Dell XPS sleek design
A sample Dell XPS 15

To begin with, take a look at the aspect ratio of the Infinity Edge display of sixteen 16 by ten 10. This type of Infinity Edge display is a rare choice because another common aspect ratio is that of sixteen 16 by nine. 9. The screen covers the best part of the monitor providing better space for the display to be larger. When it comes to first-class display clarity, which comes from a Dolby Vision 3840 by 2400 certified resolution with one hundred percent Adobe RGB capability, this places the gadget as the No.1 competitor when you are looking for the best. entertainment devices, whether playing movies and videos.

The speakers provide loud and clear audio output with a special audio driver that offers more quality. So the grilles were made for the speakers were added to have a better look for the PC. Now moving on to the performance part, it runs on a 10th generation Intel Cornet Lake Central Processing Unit processor. However, customer preference is allowed for core i5, core i7, or Core i9. The device packs 16 GB of RAM for the i7 selection with an additional 512 GB Samsung SSD. With that kind of power in one device, you can only expect a smooth user experience. Whether you’re working on photos in Photoshop or doing a quick task like typing a letter in Microsoft Word, the ease of use is fast and reliable. It’s a contested deal with its opponents who associate similar traits but at a higher price.