What is the best time to send push notifications to users

Can push notifications be sent at the best time to users?7 min read

Time is of the essence in marketing. However, we always tend to get the right message at the wrong time. Not only does this frustrate users, but it also reduces the chances of making a sale. It is always a question of respecting the times. you have to do it right to be in the game. Read on for the best time of day to send push notifications to create a great user experience.

Have you found yourself in a situation where you wasted a good time saying things at the wrong time? It is a common thing, even in business. Always be careful when saying the right things. Here we introduce ‘time’ as an important element whether it is marketers when it comes to elements like these.

Communications, campaigns, or the messages they send to your users/customers. Thanks to the technology, you can segment and automatically set the time for your notification just once, without having to repeat the steps every time. Find out how.

Time is a critical component when it comes to Push Notifications

From our case studies, we’ve found that timing is one of the most underrated attributes in push notifications. Misunderstanding the specifics of timing can not only cause you to lose all available potential but can also backfire. Your users can unsubscribe or prevent your website from sending any further messages or notifications and you end up losing your loyal customers. Who wants that to happen! On the plus side, choosing the best time to send push notifications correctly can increase web traffic and increase your subscriber base.

When you use the wrong timing, what could you potentially miss?

Over 50% of users find push notifications unnecessary. But why? If you focus on the fact that over 35% of push notifications are generic “broadcast” bursts to all users, it’s easy to see that irrelevance plays a big role in building that perception. However, many marketers continue to rely on generic blasts rather than considering personalization in terms of timing, frequency, and content of push messages.

Localytics conducted a study that found:

the stats
The stats

Users consistently complain that push notifications are an annoying distraction, and they believe they are irrelevant and a waste of time.

user targeting
User targeting

If you are going to send push notifications to your users, be sure to narrow down the best times of day to do so. Use the day-of-the-week to your advantage.

In order not to annoy your users with irrelevant push notifications, we recommend that you follow a few strict guidelines to find the best time of day to send push notifications to your internet users.

Act now:

  1. Checking timezones

The time that your users receive your notifications is a key attribute that contributes to the success of your campaign. Your users are not always at the same time and are often in different time zones around the world. Make sure to plan your campaign. the notification is coordinated with the time zone of all your target users to reset until the best time to send push notifications. Sending a push in a timely manner can make a huge difference in the overall experience of your users.

  1. Check-in for the day

When planning your push notification strategy, one thing you can’t afford to miss is the day. If you have a restaurant and are planning a “Promotional Meal for Two” on Friday. Sending a reminder notification to users on Saturday won’t be a great idea. There are special days that have shown markedly high click-through rates for most brands. Make sure you know your “best day” before scheduling notifications.

time of the day
time of the day
  1. Check for events that occur

Personalize messages according to the time of year (holidays) to personalize branding. Make sure your notification calendar is synced with an annual event calendar. instances are ignored. Bombing users during festival season isn’t the best time to send push notifications.

Plus, event tracking will help you promote and create festive offers for events that have historically had a remarkable response rate. For example, a push notification for a restaurant review due out two days before Friendship Day might say, “Happy Friendship Day! Have a good evening. Here is a discount code for having dinner with your dear friends.

  1. Intensity

Know how much is too much for you and never overdo it. The number and frequency of your notifications can vary depending on many factors:

  1. The type of users you are targeting: Upper, middle, or lower funnel.

2. The purpose of your notifications. added an asset to the chart but never bought or users who haven’t visited your site very often since then.

3. Industry types: News, gaming websites, travel agencies, fitness, or e-commerce. As a general rule, sending push notifications twice a week results in an obvious 4 times higher conversion rate!

Depending on the industry, the best time is:

News: 3 to 4 times a day, depending on the news, it is relevant and urgent according to your users.

Games: once a day or less. Now the most important task is to decide on the right time slot for this notification. to determine when you are most likely to get a high response rate.

Trips: 2 to 3 times a day. This number may increase or decrease depending on the holiday season, long weekends. If you are planning to promote a new package available at your online/offline travel agency then there is quite a few to consider.

Fitness: 3 to 4 times a week. If you offer a daily fitness program, daily reminders are acceptable.

The goal of determining the correct frequency for push notifications is to avoid ad fatigue, brand blindness, or inadvertent annoying users.

  1. Right Content
key considerations
key considerations

Send the right content to the right audience at the right time. The breakdown of users on the usefulness of push notifications reveals that there is still a percentage of users who find these notifications relevant and useful. This is because the posts alert users to things that interest them.

Personalization can increase push notification open rates by up to 800%, according to a Leanplum study. 5.9%. There are many ways to personalize your push message, incorporating a personalized image, personalized message, past user action, thank you note, etc.

  1. Appropriate Audience

You won’t like your push notifications to be ignored. So? Learn more about your users to start sharing the right content with the right audience. Your communication should be as targeted as possible. Creating and understanding who you intend to target (your target audience) should be an integral part of defining your push notification strategy.

Read this infographic to better understand your user base. To better serve users and not make push messages annoying, businesses need to put more effort into learning more about their users. A detailed user profile will help you better understand your customers. Simplify the personalization of content, messaging, product and service development.

  1. Right Time

Share the right content with the right audience at the right time. Timing should be an integral part of your push messaging strategy. How will you feel when you get a scary push notification at 5 a.m.? Will you still love this brand? His offers? For this reason, you should take care to provide local time notifications.