how to tweet in your own voice

Tweet in Your Own Voice2 min read

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Last year, Twitter added voice tweets to its platform, allowing users to tweet using their voices. This allows you to instantly submit messages to Twitter without having to type the problem in the text. After you’ve sent your original voice tweet, you can add your text tweets as a follow-up. This enhances the entire experience for both those who tweet and their followers, as they will be able to listen to tweets made on the site rather than simply reading their messages.

Voice tweets provide a customized touch to Twitter by allowing users to publish updates to the microblogging network using their own voices. Since their inception in June of last year, voice tweets on Twitter have been restricted to iOS users only. This implies that only the Twitter for iOS app can record and upload voice tweets. However, individuals on PC, Android, and non-iOS platforms may view voice tweets sent by iOS users. It has the capacity to give transcripts that are created automatically.

If you have the Twitter app on your iPhone or iPad and want to know how to submit voice tweets, follow these instructions. Before you begin the process of utilizing voice tweets on Twitter, keep in mind that you can record up to two minutes and 20 seconds for each voice tweet. If your message exceeds the time restriction, it will be automatically threaded up to 25 tweets.

Follow these steps

use your voice to tweet
use your voice
  1. Open the Twitter app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the tweet compose icon from the bottom right.
  3. Now, hit the ‘wavelengths’ voice tweet icon available above the keyboard. This will begin recording your message.
  4. Tap Done when you’re finished with your message.

Follow-up tweets can be added as text to your voice tweet. It should be noted, however, that audio tweets cannot be posted via responses or the Quote Tweet function. You can only store voice tweets as the original tweets. Twitter also does not enable users to directly post audio files to its site as voice tweets.