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Our mission

Leading our audience through an undeniably complicated advanced world by adapting innovation and sifting through the hustle and bustle.

About Tech Cuttie

We are delighted that you have taken the time to browse our website. This is where technical knowledge meets practicality. We would like you to begin by dissecting the term “Tech Cuttie”. Technology is widely known around the world to almost everyone around it. You’ve arrived at this website because you’re seeking a solution to a technology problem involving PCs, laptops, applications, video games, Android smartphones, and perhaps other games, Android phones, or maybe you want to get a feel for the present technology world’s tendencies. The phrase “cuttie” means something that is pleasant and attractive with specified qualities. Synonyms for the word Tech Cuttie are; darling, expert, deep thinker. Hence, therefore, this website, http://www.techcuttie/,com/ includes a group of tech-savvy and other bloggers who desire to live a life on the internet by following their passion and helping millions of people solve the issues that they confront on a regular basis in their business activities.

We are here to offer you;

Indispensable technical advice on trends in technological fields. Technological solutions to technology-related problems with computers, smartphones, televisions, and many more. Detailed tutorials on how to configure and use some of the software on the market today Solutions to problems that arise as a result of using such software A comprehensive view of technology trends Amazing tips and ideas never heard before on computers and smartphones Amazing latest inventions and reviews on mobile phones, games, computers, software, and applications THE LIST IS LONG Take the time to browse our website for such information about us and many others.

How we started

Tech Cuttie started on September 17, 2018, as a self-hosted multi-functional tech solutions blog. Our journey from there allowed us to cover all aspects of tech issues and our blog received a much-needed positive response. This site is the most popular among all age groups because almost everyone in this world today is directly or indirectly exposed to technology.

Meet the founder

My name is Edwin Victor, and I am the creator and founder of Tech Cuttie. I grew up with a passion for technology and have always wanted a platform to learn and share my skills. My passion drove me to do a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology, and I had to find a platform to share the good ideas that I acquired in school and some that I am self-taught. When I was first released, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve and the heights to which it would grow.

Edwin Victor – Tech Cuttie; founder, administrator and Developer.

We meld into tomorrow’s existence, becoming a school for how you live: not only gadgets, but the capabilities they release in your life, the stories of who invented them, and the ways they transform the world beyond your window.

Tech Cuttie examines the multiplicity of products and technologies that surround the world’s nations through the prism of someone who prioritizes experience over specs, hype, and sales. Because of the quick pace of the modification, spoken communication is constantly participatory, exciting, and tough. You don’t have time to become a computer expert, but we’ll make you want to be one before you know it.